Adventure Hospitality

Did you know that more than 30,000 international students are studying at Swiss tertiary institutions? They are from all continents and not uncommonly from countries, which are difficult to visit.

Back in their home countries, these people often take over leadership positions  and with that great responsibility. Their new impressions and opinions, which they pass on to their family, friends and work colleagues there, are tempered by their experiences overseas. Their experiences of the Christian faith in Switzerland play a central role therein.

The Welcome Hospitality Program is an initiative of students, churches and employed people for international students. To students from the whole world, we want to offer hospitality, help in an unfamiliar everyday life and to talk to them about the Christian faith.

Are you interested as an individual or as a whole family to join in? Then please fill out the attached form and send it to us.

We will subsequently arrange contact to an international student in your area, who you can invite to your home. The invitation is initially a one-off invitation, for example for an afternoon, to a meal or on an excursion. Thereafter you and your guest decide if you would like to continue to meet. Ideally a closer relationship or friendship will develop between you and “your” student.

It does not depend on being the perfect host. Much more important is to have a heart for international students and to be prepared to allow the guest to be involved in your everyday life. Your guest wants to get to know the Swiss culture, so even help in everyday activities can become an interesting experience.

Foreign language skills are not necessarily a requirement. Most international students speak English while many can express themselves in German or French and are happy to improve their language skills in discussion with you.Let yourself be enriched through meeting with an international student! We thank you already in the name of those who, through you, will become friends instead of strangers.